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BOSS Construction, Inc. has a fleet of trucks that handle a wide variety of construction and freight applications. Our dump trucks have three and four axle pup trailers. We own heavy haulers with aluminum boxes, heavy duty rock trucks with steel boxes and high lift gates that handle large rocks and stumps. In addition, we have water trucks, transfer trucks and fifth-wheel tractors equipped with wet kits to haul side-dumps, end-dumps, and belly-dumps. We also own flatbed trailers, custom trailers and lowboys able to handle up to 50 tons to accommodate heavy equipment moves. Lighter equipment can be hauled on our tilt-bed trailers that can be pulled by our dump trucks or fifth wheel tractors. This wide variety of equipment allows us to have the right truck in order to provide our jobs and customers with the most practical and cost effective solution.


We have a full fabrication/mechanic shop that gives us the ability to customize trucks or trailers to fit unique jobs.


If you are interested in receiving a trucking proposal from us, please call (360) 305-1600 or send us an email.

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